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Probe Sensor VMD202


Probe Motion Sensor.

Used for auto exit, it senses moving ferrous metal within its magnetic field. It has a detection range up to 12 feet at a minimum speed of 5 mph. Probe is slim single wand 1″ x 24″ long to be buried with 100′ of 5-wire direct burial wire.
   NOTE: Probe must be installed opposite side of the driveway from power source and communication wire.
– Bury approx 12″ to 20″ in a sleeve or conduit and sand to the control box. Use a piece of 2″ teleduct or pvc sleeve over the probe wand and bury under an irrigation box which will make for easy retrieval if required in the future.
– The VMD202 accepts a wide range of power inputs from 9-41 VDC or 6-29 VAC and features a low current consumption (250uA standby / 12 mA activated) making it ideal for solar applications.
– Sensitivity is preset at level 9, similar range of previous generation CS202 Probe. An optional plug-in sensitivity remote finely tunes the probe to fit any installation requirement and then easily detaches to prevent unwanted changes or tampering. The settings are stored in a non-volatile memory, saving them in case of power failure. This is a great option for automation technicians but not required for the home owner. Contact us directly if you would like one. Price $53.27

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