Cardin Slide Gate Automation Package


Single Cardin Slide Gate Automation Package contains:

  • Single Cardin Sliding Operator & integral circuit board
  • Pair of Safety Photo Switches
  • A LiftMaster Universal Receiver
  • 2 LiftMaster Transmitters

CARDIN 100/SLX1524 sliding gate motor, 220V supply, 24V motor, uses 2of # SLA 12-4.5 batteries.  Max gate leaf 1500 kg.

A “complete machine” which contains all the electronic and mechanical components required to manage gate positioning and the safety functions of the installation. Powerful and tireless, controlled by state of the art electronics, the CARDIN 100/SLX1524 is fitted with a powerful direct current motor backed up by a finely tuned double gear kinematic system which reduces the stress on the motor and structure caused by the movement of heavy gates. The automation is furnished both with buffer batteries, which allow the gate to be moved during blackouts, and with a safe and reliable manual maneuvering system with a personalized key. An internal framework houses the completely integrated electronics and keeps them separated: electronics card with an incorporated battery charger and radio receiver card, toroidal transformer and buffer batteries. The electronic and mechanical components are protected by a robust shock-proof carter which makes the automation system rust free and safe from the buildup of soil and mud.

Electromechanical self-locking unit driven by a low voltage motor which is suitable for sliding gates of up to 1500 kg. The unit may be fitted both to the right as well as to the left of the passageway. Installation is possible on any structure and is simplified by the motor alignment system and the spacious access area for wiring up the electrical components and adjusting the mechanical parts. Encoder controlled gate positioning with self-learning programming reduces installation times to a minimum. Re-positioning intervenes automatically whenever obstacles get in the way of the gate’s course. The control carried out by the programmer is completed by the anti-crush security device and the “soft stop” and “soft start” functions. The Electronic controller also features real time display of the programming stages as well as counting the number of maneuvers carried out by the motor. Parameter setting is carried out via dip-switches.

  • All packages include installation instructions & tech sheets.
  • NOTE package does not include track, v-groove wheels or rollers which need to be ordered according to gate length, type of track desired etc. See Components & Accessories section section for track, v-groove wheels or rollers.
  • Package pricing includes 10% reduction in component costs.
  • Additional discounts apply when purchasing multiple packages.
  • Check our Components section for additional safety photo switches and accessories.


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*Pricing is wholesale, supply only and in Canadian dollars*