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Aluminum Castings

Aluminum Castings

Our aluminum castings are cast with steel tabs in them so we can weld them to steel or aluminum, but people use them for all kinds of other projects. Because they are aluminum they are very light and easy to drill and trim. For instance we have people who chose a theme of various shapes to mount on the wall instead of a headboard. The aluminum castings are very easy to work into a wood gate like a window or just mount on your wood fence or garden shed. We sell them unpainted so you can paint them any colour you like, just use paint that is for metal, there are many colours, brush-on or spray. Because they have many highs and lows to the cast they take to a two part paint job extremely well, for instance if you paint it first with a light colour and let it dry, then paint with a dark colour and wipe it off the high points of the cast before it dries, you have a great patina appearance in any colours you like.

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